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Welcome to Saucha Living!

My name is Terrin Marino. As a Professional Organizer, I believe that an organized and harmonious living space has the power to promote clarity and enhance our well-being. My passion is to positively impact the lives of my clients by helping them de-clutter, get organized, improve their productivity, and optimize the functionality of their environment. I create spaces that reflect my client's personal style with customized services that meet their unique needs. I'd like to extend a warm welcome and offer my expertise in organization and deep understanding of the impact that our physical environment has on our well-being. It is my mission to support you in creating an organized and harmonious living environment that allows you and your family to thrive!

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My Story

With 15 years of service in the Navy, I've intimately experienced the transformative power of organization and streamlined workflow. Recognizing the profound impact of a well-structured environment on peace of mind and overall balance, I've found my dream profession in Saucha Living.


Growing up in a military family instilled in me the invaluable skill of transforming temporary spaces into warm, inviting homes. Constant relocation cultivated my ability to adapt and reimagine each environment, fostering a keen eye for design and comfort. Now, as a professional organizer, I leverage this unique perspective to revitalize spaces with creative flair, seamlessly blending functionality and coziness to create environments that truly feel like home.  I gained more experience when I joined the Navy myself in 2007. As a young Petty Officer, I meticulously organized sand and dust-covered shelves in Afghanistan and optimized office layouts aboard ships in the Indian Ocean. These experiences instilled in me a creative vision for enhancing workplace efficiency and supporting operational capabilities. While my career in Information Technology and Knowledge Management thrived due to my commitment to neatness and order, it also led me to confront deeper behavioral patterns driving my pursuit of perfection.


Through introspection, therapy, and the practice of Yoga, I've embarked on a journey toward self-compassion and authenticity. I've come to understand that my penchant for organization is not just a trait but a unique gift shaped by my experiences and challenges. Harnessing this gift, I've made it my mission to empower others through organized environments that promote efficiency, tranquility, and harmony.


In 2023, I founded Saucha Living to extend this vision to my local community, bridging my military background with my passion for helping others live better, more organized lives. With Saucha Living, I'm dedicated to bringing joy and well-being to every space I touch.

Saucha is a Sanskrit term that embodies purity and cleanliness. In various yoga traditions, this encompasses cleanliness of the mind, body, and breath. Practicing Saucha includes practices such as bathing, wearing clean clothes, and maintaining tidiness in one's surroundings. It also involves releasing negative emotions, cultivating positive qualities, and practicing mindfulness. By removing physical, emotional, and mental impurities we can create a serene and organized environment that uplifts the senses, transcends limitations, and creates balance in our lives. Saucha Living allows me to bring this ancient wisdom to modern life. 

My passion lies not only in creating beautiful and functional spaces but also in empowering individuals to thrive in all aspects of their lives. I firmly believe that an organized environment has the power to enhance focus, creativity, and overall happiness. It's a transformative journey that goes beyond physical spaces and extends to mental clarity and emotional well-being.


I am committed to helping you break free from the constraints of any environment that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Whether you're looking to optimize space and function in your home, enhance productivity at work, or declutter your digital life, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Together, we will create personalized systems that bring order and efficiency to your life, while still allowing room for spontaneity and flexibility. We will create a space that reflects your individuality and helps you thrive!


Join me on this journey toward cleanliness and purity for productivity for peace of mind!


Saucha Living, an LLC headquartered in North Carolina, specializes in delivering top-tier professional organizing services to both individuals and businesses alike. Contact us today for all of your organizational needs!


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